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      Turn up your cards and count, he said, and his quick eye checked each mans hand.

      "Do you think it would be too late for us to call at Hans Place before we go to our hotel?"

      Youll understand why not before youve been in England a montha week, perhaps. And, look here, Ralda, if I were you I shouldnt let on much about me or the camp

      "Well, I don't say they're all ugly. Some of 'em are handsome enough, and there's plenty of thorough-breds among 'em, but there's a sight of plain-headed ones. There's quite as much beauty in your spear as there is among the county folks, Miss Susan. I'll answer for that."MY FROLIC FALCON, WITH BRIGHT EYES.

      MY FROLIC FALCON, WITH BRIGHT EYES.The other men looked up from their letters and stared at the bundle, a soft something wrapped in an old mail-bag.

      So the long summer daywithout the glow and glory of summerwore on, and except for her excessive languor and feebleness there were no indications that the patient's state was any worse than it had been for some weeks. The doctor came late in the afternoon, and felt her pulse, and talked to her a little; but it was easy to see that his visit was only a formula.

      Yes, he had heard, perhaps, for he drew up his horse suddenly by the road-side, a little way beyond the town. A man opened the door and sprang in, breathless after running. It was Lostwithiel.



      Im glad youve come back, Varley, she said, putting her arms over his shoulders, and leaning over him. I wish you wouldnt go away so much.She shrunk back a little, and looked round as if about to fly; then, as though she were ashamed of the impulse, she faced him, and regarded him steadily. The moon shone down full upon her face, and its beauty kept him silent for a moment. In her rough dress and gypsy-like shawl she looked a totally different person to the young lady he remembered in the Redfern habit and Heath hat.