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      Pendleton flung up his hands. "Isn't that like a woman! Just because he has fine eyes I suppose, and a taking smile!"Pen was suddenly overcome by weakness. The gun clattered to the deck. She staggered to the nearest deck-chair and sank into it.

      It was near five o'clock when the final rout took place. Some time before, several hundred of the Canadians and Indians had left the field and returned to the scene of the morning fight, to plunder and scalp the dead. They were resting themselves near a pool in the forest, close beside the road, when their repose was interrupted by a volley of bullets. It was fired by a scouting party from Fort Lyman, chiefly backwoodsmen, under Captains Folsom and McGinnis. The assailants were greatly outnumbered; but after a hard fight the Canadians and Indians 309

      "I can find it.""Looks 's if they wuz all mendin' up their shirts and sewin' on buttons," said Si, "Guess it's part o' their regular drill, ain't it, Shorty?"


      V2 HOT STUFF.[572] Le Ministre Vaudreuil et Bigot, 20 Fv. 1759.

      Puis il donnit l'absolution;

      [386] Relation de M. Duchat, Capitaine au Rgiment de Languedoc, crite au Camp de Carillon, 15 Juillet, 1756.



      "Go on."


      "Request them to leave. They can at least wait outside the fence."