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      I have now to speak of the money you brought me. It shall be returned to you. You refused it the nightthe night of our marriage; you can not do so now. It shall be transferred back to you, and without the knowledge of the world. To-morrow I leave Belfayre and England; it is not probable that I shall ever return. For me, life is over. I shall never see your face again. His voice broke at the words, but he mastered it again quickly; he did not see the shudder, the tremor, that shook her as she heard them. If there is any question you wish to ask me, he went on in so hoarse and low a voice that she could scarcely hear it, write to me before I go, and I will answer it. I desire to make every arrangement that will tend to render your future an assured one. God knows I have no desire to punish you! As I said, there has been wrong on both sides; I have acknowledged it. You will deem it but a hollow mockery, but I wish you happiness in the future, forgetfulness of the past.

      He knew what she meant, and that the sinner had confessed her sin.

      He was still very white, but to all appearance calm and self-possessed, when he re-entered the house and resumed his seat on the table. He had given Esmeralda time to master her emotion, and she looked up at him now with a smile more pitiful than tears.

      But Lady Ada laid the blame on Esmeralda, and as she looked up at Trafford, with the love-light in her eyes, her heart burned with hate of the woman who had come between them. At that moment there was nothing she would not have done to wreck Esmeraldas happiness, to separate husband and wife. She did not know how widely they were already separated.

      Esmeralda, on this evening, wore the second of her ball-dresses, and as Lady Wyndover declared, Madame Cerises taste had never been employed to better advantage. The dress was still too low to altogether please Esmeralda, but as she knew by her two nights experience that there were many still lower, she submitted. Their arrival at Lady Villiers created quite a little sensation. The well-dressed mob in a London ball-room does not shout or wave its handkerchief, but it can stare and whisper together; and in this, and in several other ways, it displayed its curiosity and interest. Esmeralda was very soon surrounded, and her card would have been filled up to the last item, but she reserved several spaces, notwithstanding the ardent protests which assailed her.

      "Pity! Don't I tell you that I pity youpity you whom I used to revere! Great God! can you guess what pain it is to change respect for the creature one loves into pity? I told you that I would never hurt youthat I would never bring shame upon you, Isola. You have no unkindness to fear from me. But you have broken my heart, you have slain my faith in man and woman. I could have staked my life on your purityI could have killed the man who[Pg 295] slandered youand you swore a false oathyou called upon Heaven to witness a lie!"

      At noon of that day the good people of Wally-Wally were startled by a man riding at full gallop into what is called its market-place. The horse was covered with sweat, flecked with foam, and panting as if it had just won the Derby; the man was white, almost livid, and his short hair clung to his brows in perspiring streaks. He was covered with dust and without his hat, for it had fallen off some ten miles back and had been disregarded and left to ornament the plain. It took the crowd some few minutes to recognize in this perspiring and livid gentleman the usually calm and languid individual, Mr. Varley Howard, the well-known gambler; but when they recognized him, they gathered round him with sympathetic and curious glances and questions.


      Youll do that, whatever you wear, my lady, she said, with perfect honesty. Im glad your ladyship takes an[201] interest I beg your pardon, my lady, but you never seemed to care at Deepdale.She went to him and put her arm round his neck, and he could feel that she was struggling with her tears.


      The two men stood looking at each other as two men meeting, perfect strangers and in such a place, must necessarily look; and though neither touched his revolver, each was ready to draw and fire.