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      "Was I more than man, that I could tell the traitor Calverley deceived me?" impatiently returned the baron, as he felt, though not choosing to acknowledge it, that he had done wrong when he insisted on the bondage.

      No, you didnt mean that! said Keeling.{144}

      "And what then, impudent knave," asked the Baron,"what is the drift of this long-winded discourse?"

      "Well," resumed Calverley, "the evidence is not so good as I could wish. A country jury might acquit her."One last long look into your eyes of blue

      He groaned."Good night," replied Holgrave, though without moving his eyes from the now darkly-smoking ruin; and there he stood with unchanging gaze till the sky had entirely lost its ruddy hue, and the smouldering embers of the cottage could no longer be distinguished; and then he entered his dwelling, and, closing the door, threw himself upon his bedbut not to sleep.

      "You can keep out then."

      Calverley slightly coloured as De Boteler spoke; he knew his lord was no admirer of people stepping in the least out of their way, and it seemed probable it was to him he alluded, when he expressed his dislike of unequal marriages."He has," quickly replied Isabella, unable to divine the cause of such singular enquiries.


      The nightmare had its appropriate ending. Sixty[Pg 297] dead beasts were burned in lime. Boarzell became Hinnomit was the most convenient open space, so Reuben's herd was burned on it. From a dozen different pyres streamers of white smoke flew along the wind, and a strange terrible smell and tickling of the nostrils troubled the labourer on the westward lands by Flightshot or Moor's Cottage.


      Apart from the strenuous matter of Dr Ingliss discourse, a circumstance that added interest to{7} it was the fact that this was the last Sunday on which he would officiate at St Thomass, Bracebridge, and he had already been the recipient of a silver tea-set, deeply chased with scrolls and vegetables, subscribed for by his parishioners and bought at Mr Keelings stores, and a framed address in primary colours. He had been appointed to a canonry of the Cathedral that stood in the centre of the cup-shaped hollow on the sides of which Bracebridge so picturesquely clustered, and his successor, a youngish man, with a short, pale beard, now curiously coloured with the light that came through a stained glass window opposite, had read the lessons and the litany."Still, I'm sorry fur herI'm sorry fur any woman as he takes up with. Now, Henry, you can't kiss baby while I'm bathing him."


      "Of course you did. II gave myself away. I pleaded with you."