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      Suddenly she stood. "Dear, brave Connie!" she exclaimed, "we must go help her, 'Randa." And as they went she added, pausing at the head of a stair, "Ah, dear! if we, poor sinners all, could in our dull minds only multiply the awful numbers of war's victims by the woes that gather round any one of them, don't you think, 'Randa--?"

      "How much does it fall short?" asked Anna with a heart at full stop, and the pounding shock came when the shortage proved less than the missing proceeds of the bazaar. For there heaved up the problem, whether to pass on in the blind hope of finding her heart's own, or to turn instead and seek the two detectives and the salvation of a city. This was the dilemma which in the last few days had torn half the life out of her and, more gravely than she knew, was threatening the remnant."I say unless--" Greenleaf persisted--

      "For dear Anna's sake and yours, shall I be that little bit your pilot, to say--?"

      So did I, he said, ruefully; but it always appears we are not. Somebody comes and fetches her away in the middle of every game. Its this confounded dinner-party to-night. I wonder why people give dinners? Everybody hates them and avoids them when they can. There is more envy, hatred, and uncharitableness bred at a dinner-party than by anything else on earth. Take my case, for instance. Here am I, an able-bodied young man, simply dying to amuse myselfand some one elseand yet I am deserted and neglected, and driven to smoking all the morning, just because there is a dinner-party.I thought you were looking thinner andand, well, not as you usually look.

      "And Captain Irby!" remarked Miranda.


      She started slightly, and her face went white. He was confessing his love for Ada! Her heart hardened to adamant at that moment, and she thought no more of laughter.


      "They can dance the figure, General."