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      We must not tire you at the very commencement of the evening, Miss Chetwynde, he said, laughing. This is your first party, is it not? If we weary you too much, you will be tempted to make it your last.He had to go to London to buy some articles of mourninggloves[256] and a hat-band, and so on, which he could not obtain in primitive Oakfieldand so he passed down St. Jamess Street within a stones-throw of Trafford.

      Esmeralda did not drop the reins, did not remove her eyes from the horses, but the blood rushed to her face, and her lips parted as if he had deprived her of breath.

      Every inch of the village, every house, cottage, innit might almost be said every man, woman and childbelonged to Belfayreor the money-lenders.

      At noon of that day the good people of Wally-Wally were startled by a man riding at full gallop into what is called its market-place. The horse was covered with sweat, flecked with foam, and panting as if it had just won the Derby; the man was white, almost livid, and his short hair clung to his brows in perspiring streaks. He was covered with dust and without his hat, for it had fallen off some ten miles back and had been disregarded and left to ornament the plain. It took the crowd some few minutes to recognize in this perspiring and livid gentleman the usually calm and languid individual, Mr. Varley Howard, the well-known gambler; but when they recognized him, they gathered round him with sympathetic and curious glances and questions.Eat, and try and look a little more cheerful, he said. If she should wake and see that face of yours as it looks now, shed think it was a ghost, and get scared.

      Will you have a cigarette? asked Varley in his slow and languid way.


      The saloon, a long and narrow room, built of rough, feather-edged boards and decorated with scraps of turkey-red cotton and cheap calico lining, with occasional portraits of local celebrities rudely drawn in charcoal, was well filled with the crew of miners and camp followers which made up the population of Three Star CampThree Star, it is needless to explain, after the well-known legend on the brandy bottles.I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.


      You see I am keeping my promise.