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      Esmeralda nodded.Isola sighed, and shook her head rather dolefully, tracing the pattern of the Persian rug with the point of her stick.

      There was perfect stillness in the room. Isola had been lying with closed eyes a little time before, and he fancied that she was sleeping."I hope so. I went upstairs at nine o'clock, while Father Rodwell was reading to you, and gave him my goodnight kiss. He was fast asleep."

      You sing very well, she said.


      No, he said, they would not wish me to do anything of the kind. They would think that I was extremely lucky in having won you.[Pg 116]



      She fell asleep asking herself the question, and she woke the next morning with the question still unanswered. It was rather later than her usual hour when she emerged from the hut and stood, with her hand shading her eyes, looking down at the camp, which was already in the full swing of its daily work. She usually ran round before breakfast to see her horse, and to take it a slice of bread and a piece of sugar; but this morning she stood still at the door of the hut and looked dreamily about her, the horse forgotten for the first time.