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      [1] The Indian name of St. Jean was Etarita; and that of St. Matthias, Ekarenniondi.[1] "M. de Montmagny cognoit bien l'importance de ce Seminaire pour la gloire de Nostre Seigneur, et pour le commerce de ces Messieurs"Relation, 1637, 209 (Cramoisy).

      JEAN RIBAUT.Thuphrastos talked of the numerous law cases that would pour in upon him when the time of his embassy had expired. Oppressed citizens, informers who knew that he had obtained money, envious fellow solicitorswould all rush to him.

      Volume 2 PREFACE.La Salle sat near the door; but as the preacher proceeded he suddenly rose to his feet in such a manner as to attract the notice of the congregation. As they turned their heads, he signed to the principal persons among them, and by his angry looks and gesticulation called their attention to the words of Fnelon. Then meeting the eye of the cur, who sat beside the altar, he made the same signs to him, to which the cur replied by a deprecating shrug of the shoulders. Fnelon changed color, but continued his sermon.[70]

      As far as he was able.

      Just at that moment a dazzling flash of lightning darted from the dark sky far away, followed in a few moments by the roll of distant thunder. Three white birds, one small and two large ones, flew with rapid strokes of their long wings over the ship, following each other at precisely the same distance, as though bound together by some invisible chain. They mounted higher and higher as if they wanted to soar into the sky and soon became mere indistinct specks.

      The girl clasped his knees imploringly.

      Glaucus stood as though petrified by this grewsome jest. But the pirates pressed upon him with their torches and compelled him and his wife to approach the ladder. Charicleia was deadly pale, and trembled so that she could scarcely stand. Glaucus clasped her hand, whispering: party to Quebec.


      Pavl Ragveneav.


      [5] It was scarcely possible to convince the Indians, that there was but one God for themselves and the whites. The proposition was met by such arguments as this: "If we had been of one father, we should know how to make knives and coats as well as you."Le Mercier, Relation des Hurons, 1637, 147.


      Then it is true, Ninus persisted, you often think of him?THE NIAGARA PORTAGE.