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      Parson has got too much to think about, he hastily continued, to allow him to think of his own happiness. Isnt it true, dear Miss Alice, that we only get our own happiness when we are thinking not about ourselves? I thought about myself for half an hour this morning, and I did get so dreadfully bored. I thought how pleased I should be ifand how delighted I should be ifand then, thank God, I found myself yawning. It was all so stupid!"His name, I think, was Stephen Holgravethe same Holgrave that was among the rebels, is it not?"

      Chapter 3

      "Stephen Holgrave is not a knave," returned the monk. "He is an honest man, and Margaret is betrothed to him."

      "My child is well now!" said Margaret in a stifled voice."Down at Totease. He wur the wuss for liquor, I reckon."

      Soon afterwards a letter came from Albert, asking for money, but again Reuben forbade any notice to be taken of it. For one thing he could not afford to help anyone, for another he would not even in years of plenty have helped a renegade like Albert. His blood still boiled when he remembered the boy's share in his political humiliation. He had shamed his father and his father's farm. Let him rot!


      Though they were technically a Couple, they never spoke of love. They never even kissed or held each other's hands, however tenderly the velvet darkness called. He told her about his work at Odiamabout the little calf that was born that day, or the trouble he had had, patching the rent in the pigsty, or how the poultry had not taken well to their new food, but preferred something with more sharps in it. She in her turn would tell him how she had washed little Georgie's shirttaking advantage of a warm day when he could run about nakedhow her mother had lamentable hard pains all down her back, how her father had got drunk at the harvest supper and tried to beat her.



      "It's early for her to be prowling," said the man of the world. "I reckon she's having just a breath of fresh air before she starts work."